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Nil further
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Anybody who is considering opening money on Flight training of any type right now .........crazy.

I have some skin in the game in the orange machine .

If you'd like to wire the money to my account I will call you every day and tell you how wonderful you are , you will be getting much more than if you throw money at flight training for the foreseeable,
There are likely to be 1000's of qualified type and line experienced pilots floating around the world for years now . Flybe ,TCX,Monarch just the ones that have already gone and left many pilots no longer flying .

Massive furloughs and redundancies possible from BA/EZY/VS in fact everyone, even the solvent carriers = 1000's ahead of you when/if hiring ever restarts in the next 5 years.

The golden years have gone where you could remortgage mum and dads house and have an EZY command in 6 years at the age of 25. Gone for good.

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