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Rudestuff is undoubtedly correct in what he says, the (f)ATPL courses will continue as the majority already well into the process are likely to continue.
Those course members who have yet to start flying might well decide to cut their losses and stop training.

The dilemma facing those about to start is whether to continue if money is no object; the vast majority will undoubtedly think again about being an aviator, or delay sine die.

The ATOs will undoubtedly start to shrink significantly with a semi arid desert by 2021, although any military contracts will probably continue unhindered.
Attractive deals will start to emerge for the brave & the bold.

My heart goes out to all trainees but especially to the MPL customers who training have come to an abrupt stop.
Jumping to the (f)ATPL route is the only option if a professional licence still remains the immediate goal, with the shortfall of the flying training to complete.

The MPL will be the last style of course to eventually restart but only once the green shoots are well established.
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