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Originally Posted by flyp92 View Post
Guys this is a terrible situation but it won't last forever. I was planning to start an MPL this year (before the emergency), I really hope the market will recover in an year and we'll all be able to be back to our life. This is different to 9/11, people in that case were scared of flying, instead now after the emergency everyone will be willing to fly. It wil take a bit but aviation will recover.
They may be willing, but they won't be able to afford to. Because (a) a lot won't have jobs and (b) the few airlines left will have hugely increased costs and therefore ticket prices. This is a far bigger blip than 9/11 and career prospects for most pilots not just new pilots are dead for years to come. ATPL courses will continue of course, as long as people have money to burn but I think this is the end of the MPL.
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