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When 20 Squadron deployed to Chaing Mei, as was the local custom, "Entertainment Establishments" were set up in the vicinity. On return to Tengah it was alleged that over 100% of cases of the personnel who had deployed to support the squadron had contracted "Tropical Diseases", meaning that some had been there long enough to be cured of the first dose before suffering a second.

The Royal Engineers airfield was at Loeng Nok Tha in North East Thailand and was originally started by the RAF Airfield Construction Branch before being completed by the REs when the RAF Airfield Construction Branch was disbanded .
The Opening Ceremony, with Thai Royalty and Prime Minister in attendance, was held on 17 June 1965. A Canberra B15, at light weight, did the ceremonial Take Off before flying two "Spirited Flypasts" at maximum speed and departing in a steep climb. ATC broadcast "Ummm, thank you for that! Don't come back!!".
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