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Originally Posted by Skipness One Foxtrot View Post
Follow the senior political correspondents on twitter, and setting their politics aside, the government has been consistently giving out this message for some time. Any return to normality is gradual and phased, the message that the likes of pubs will be the last to open was signalled again this morning and is on mainstream media. So one pint in a pub for a half hour is dangerous, but somehow seven hours in a tube with recycled air is fine? No.

100% agree no one knows when or how this will end, that itself
means any holidays this year will be UK based for most. Market confidence in air travel cannot return until we have either a vaccine (months or years) or it dies out (unlikely).
I'd seen the suggestion that pubs will be last to open. By that I guess they mean on-site alcohol licenses, and I would support that; from knowledge (and possibly personal experience) of the way people behave under the influence, I said at the start of this that revoking all alcohol licenses other than off-sales was the first social distancing measure that should have been taken. Personally I'd be surprised if cafes and restaurants don't open until the end of the year but we'll see.
Thanks also to SWB.

Sorry for thread drift, back to EDI
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