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Originally Posted by jensdad View Post
Sorry for thread drift away from aviation altogether, but who are 'they', and where did you hear that restaurants will not open until the winter? Not trying to be confrontational, just interested to know where you got your info from.

EDIT: Apologies again, what's BAU?
EDIT 2: 'Business as usual.' Got it
Heard from an aircraft cleaner on fourloough, and seconded by duty free sales assistant.

In all honesty NO-ONE not even the Givys of the UK know when this will end or what services will open.

airlines themselves will be at the mercy of customers who remember how they were abandoned and left to struggle to get home and the refunds saga. Coupled with the mindset of the public who will still be looking for a Tenirfe flight with a retail price index of 50 one way sans extras.

The airline industry is most at risk and we've not seen any real job losses yet. (Yes except Flybe pre covid-19)
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