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Originally Posted by Deltasierra010 View Post
Boeing won’t get through the MAX and Corona virus crises without federal aid with lots of strings, the $17bn is small change for their costs. With the state of the global economy private investors are going to be very thin on the ground.
Actually the financial market is likely to consider Boeing a good risk, since they know the government won't let them go under.
Boeing is looking at having to make a big cut in workforce - you can't cut new aircraft production in half and have all those people sitting around still getting paid for the foreseeable future, and one of the big strings on the government help is not reducing employment.
I depends on how long it takes for commercial aviation to get back on it's feet - if it comes back as quickly as it did post 9/11 I suspect Boeing will be OK without direct government help. If it goes on for several years it'll be a different story.
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