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Originally Posted by SPDBRD1 View Post
Nothing to do with cost. Simply not enough seats on the flights that were available when the news came out. We have not been told it was due to cost so if that is being said then that is someone making up a story. I looked at getting home by my own way (prior to flights starting again and borders reopening) and flight costs of £5,000+ and 2 weeks away was all that was available. Yes, there were cadets who were meant to finish their CPL within the next week to 10 days, but unfortunately the lockdown happened when it happened. You might be hearing it on twitter, but what you hear on twitter is usually a rant. We don't pay in NZD, we pay in GBP.
Of course you havenít been told itís due to cost. I bet they also still tell you the physical and mental well-being of their students is their number one priority

Itís L3... It was 100%, categorically, without question due to cost...

When I was there Pak Ďní Save didnít accept GBP so youíre probably paying in NZD...

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