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Originally Posted by No Idea Either View Post
Thatís brutal. Whatís the actual effect upon the pilot group. Does anyone know? I thought we had just copped it at VA (every one gets 7 days LWOP next roster and then we are all part time 50% after that) probably more to come with us then. We all realise over the years weíve all had a Ďfriendly rivalryí amongst the different airlines at all levels whether GA, regional, domestic or international but I hope everyone looks out for everyone else at this time. I have mates, probably just like all of you, in Tiger, Jetstar, Qantas, Cathay, Brunei, the list goes on. This sort of thing can drive people into deep dark places. Again, just keep in touch and look out for each other.
I couldnít agree with this more. Everyone will have different issues over the following months, my biggest concern is medium term job prospects, others will be highly mortgaged with many mouths to feed, we will all have something to offer someone struggling even if itís only an ear.

Speaking with others outside the industry and they all seem to think itís going to be ops normal for them, Iíve been trying to suggest to them that Aviaton has been hit first but it wonít only be us thatís affected.
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