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John Citizen
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John Citizen , I am aware of the CAR’s
I disagree.

You clearly wrote that
Operate the aircraft in accordance with Company approved Ops. Manual, follow non-normal procedures, complete all non-normal checklists”
This clearly means that the PIC must ALWAYS operate in accordance with the manuals at all times and nothing else at all. You did not include the authority to deviate from these manuals under CAR 145 if required.

You even reinforced this by writing that if a pilot deliberately ignored anything in the manuals that they would have difficulty in a court of law. So this basically tells me don't ever contravene the company manuals.

Yes "ignore" sounds deliberately rebellious but you wrote it first, choosing such a word that makes a pilots actions sound worse than it is.

A more diplomatic less rebellious way to describe such actions would be "I was aware my actions weren't in compliance with the operations manuals, but after careful deliberation of all the options, we the crew assessed our actions to be the safest option under the circumstances".

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