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Any fatality is a worry Dick.
Unfortunately if people persist in committing aviation despite CAsA's best endeavours to stamp it out, there will be more.
Our safety record is way behind the USA statistically, that should tell us something, they have a GA industry, we have the ragged dregs
of what's left of one, but we still persist with the myth that ever increasing regulation will make us safer.

There is a rumour around that McBank affiliates have been telephoning airport leaseholders to ask if they are solvent with the current crisis.
Could it be that the major airports are a tad worried about their cash flow? or is McBank worried about their "Management Fees" and directors bonuses?
Passing strange.
At this time with the whole aviation industry rapidly arriving with their backs to the wall, is it time to suspend all Curfews and other restrictions that impinge on the whole industry? The rule book got thrown out with the 89 dispute to keep the country moving, are we at that time again?

Desperate times call for desperate measures, I tried to buy some black underwear at Target today, my white ones have printers ink stains all over them, out of stock dam it, this really is getting serious.
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