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Originally Posted by wiggy View Post
Health Warning - There will certainly be a reason the training organisations will try to keep the show running, but TBH I'm not sure it will have much to do with a shortage of MPL qualified pilots in two years time..
My sister just finished the ATPLs on an MPL scheme, I'm strongly suggesting that they all think very hard about further payments just now. She's paid north of 50k for 14 ATPLs and is about to pay another 15k due to their top heavy payment schedules. If it was me, I wouldn't give them another penny as the school will surely have a shutdown due to the inevitible lockdown. The school will just trot out the business as usual line because they know all too well as to what is about to happen. This is a catastrophe. Those currently on a course should think VERY hard about making the next payment, anyone who is just about to start a course if derranged if they pay a penny.

If a white tail was to start an intergrated course at a large school today, i'd imagine the chance of them being in work by 2024 would be 50/50.
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