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Originally Posted by AndrewR
Some argue for Class E to replace Class C to allow access to VFR. This is the wrong reason. Instead ATC should routinely give VFR aircraft through Class C - and VFR pilots should be encouraged to use them (this should also reduce VCAs from people skirting the edge of CTA).

Class E is supposed to provide separation services to IFR aircraft. It should be replacing Class G, not Class C. Class E is designed to prevent the type of accident discussed in this thread.
I think you will find that Dick Smith, the instigator of all this, would disagree. After all, if VFR aren't to be considered, just make the airspace Class C all over. As for "look, it's VMC, us IFRs don't need ATC, we'll just look out the window and avoid each other", I've addressed that already, a thousand times. It's nonsense. I can't, practically, lookout and "See and Avoid". It will be arranged vertical or horizontal segregation. Vision doesn't come into it because it doesn't work.

As you're tootling along in VMC as an IFR flight, are you really suggesting that the way you separate yourself (or would have ATC separate you) from other aeroplanes changes?
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