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Originally Posted by PorterHoosten
Doesn't matter that Captain Luddite has no clue how Class E is meant to work.
I know how it works, That's why I don't like it.

E D A yada yada yada. Call it what you like. If you're happy with jets mixing it in VMC E doing IFR Pickups and Dropdowns, throw in a VFR or two effectively NORDO, half of them yakking on Comm 2 on the CTAF trying to organise a landing sequence, all the while Seeing And Avoiding, be my guest. All I'll say is thank God for TCAS and the Big Sky Theory.

One of my compatriots flew in the US on RPT CRJs. He said almost every regional airport he went to had a tower.

Originally Posted by Sunfish
It is clear that you hold the view that jets and VFR should never mix.
Clean your glasses and read what I wrote in post 464.
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