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Originally Posted by Capn Bloggs View Post
I suggest that you have a think about why the “shambolic” situation at Avalon exists. I put it to you that it exists because the airspace fundamentalists forced the current arrangement on CASA.
The Avalon class E is ridiculous, but I doubt that anyone who understands class E would suggest that is an appropriate use of Class E. Avalon should probably be Class C or D. The only real reason for Class E as implemented at Avalon is that ATC too often deny clearances to VFR aircraft.

Some argue for Class E to replace Class C to allow access to VFR. This is the wrong reason. Instead ATC should routinely give VFR aircraft through Class C - and VFR pilots should be encouraged to use them (this should also reduce VCAs from people skirting the edge of CTA).

Class E is supposed to provide separation services to IFR aircraft. It should be replacing Class G, not Class C. Class E is designed to prevent the type of accident discussed in this thread.
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