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Captain Bloggs - You ask "Did the inventors of IFR Pickups actually think sane pilots would just go VFR, look out the front and hope that she'll be right??"

Yes - that is exactly what they do, see this You Tube video <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uJcEeKzeb5A> The Premier jet departs uncontrolled airport MIles City VFR and at 9000 feet requests an IFR clearance to Vancouver from Salt Lake (ATC) Centre. In the US it is not called an IFR pick up, as I recall Dick Smith invented that term so that Australians might understand the process. To an American pilot it is an activation of his/her filed IFR flight plan and can take place through a Tower in Class C or D airspace, as is done in Australia, or through direct contact with a Centre while on the ground if the weather is IFR at an uncontrolled airport.

In this video the Premier departs for a VFR flight from Gary Indiana for Indy Exec Airport <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ITrQwsUdNbY> Gary is Class D with a VFR Tower Indy Exec is an uncontrolled airport but the Class E airspace base would be 700 feet because it has an instrument approach. The FBO is listening on the CTAF but not providing a UNICOM service.
I hope this helps
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