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Who makes the money !!!

Originally Posted by Arclite01 View Post
I am more concerned that someone, somewhere is making a bundle of by getting aircraft effectively for free and then selling them on with what I expect to be the minimum amount of remedial work. I don't know the charity or who backs them or how they operate.................

And it has all been done behind closed doors. How do we know that this was the best deal and offers taxpayers the best value for money ??, why weren't other organisations given a chance to bid ??

Something smells here to me.................

ARC My prev post was long enough without going for the 'financial reward' bit which I am fully in agreement with you on. Look at the companies involved. Grob, S Sailplanes, plus other smaller companies. The question is why would Areobility seek to obtain so many airframes with a less than ideal suitability and then announce 'some will be sold to expand operations'.
This only highlights the scenario that a substantial fleet of Aircraft were pulled from ATC use with little real reason other than various 'rumours' . It now seems that they will fly again but only after a huge amount of money gets expended which means more 'profit' for some people again. Either way the Cadets get NOTHING, and the real unanswered question is who decided that the training organisation that had given such quality of service for decades with experienced staff, was thrown away. They can Twitter and Facebook for all its worth the facts are the organisation lacks leadership and quality tech input. One hopes that the new OC 2FTS will address some of the issues ,but the stable door has been blown off its hinges and most of the horses are now grazing elsewhere. The alternative scheme offered with cooperation under the LAA did not require use of ALL the airframes, and indeed Aerobility could still have had as many as they needed to use. What it did not require was the aircraft being modified or having a new powerplant / propeller. Another interesting element was utilising prev VGS pilots if they were available and in suitable area's. The machines would have operated as detached flights with volunteer back up, and available to all youth organisations . No one was going to make any profit out of this but the satisfaction of seeing the machines being used for what they had been purchased for was enough for those involved.

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