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Very large bumps under the carpet

Well its official now. !0 Vigs get the full makeover (totally uneconomic) and 53 get to be 'refurbished' whatever that means, to pay for the other 10. Have no problem with Aerobility getting some airframes, but at what cost. It just proves that there was no reason to pull the fleet at all. It also shows that the other offered scheme using many of the airframes for AE youth flying for all was quite possible and at very low cost. Of course none of this was about getting the 'best use' from an out of service airframe it was all about trying to cover up the appalling way the Air Cadet fleet had been allowed to decay in airworthiness terms. It appears now that all the airframes are suitable for 'refurbishment' and indeed funds seem to be available to assist with this, so why did so many VGS Squadrons with a combined TRAINING service of hundreds of years get binned !!! This has been a megs scandal for the Air Cadets and a great loss of a fine World Class TRAINING organisation whose record is second to none. Has someone redefined the wheel, or just forgotten the Cadets already had a system that provided flying for ALL for 10s of thousands !!!! Actually
100s of thousands.

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