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THAT is the issue. Airy Fairy USA CTAF "dimensions" that are too close in, requiring the use of two radios simultaneously. Triadic, IMO that was/is always a very unwise idea and doesn't happen in my cockpit. We had it right before.
Capt, with all due respect I suggest that by not using 2 comms in a controlled manner you may be putting yourself at risk by not hearing traffic on the frequency that you are not listening to. I have had occasions where another IFR has taxied and called centre, but the CTAF call (if made) was not heard. I have also had occasions where centre have called me with traffic when inside the CTAF. (our company procedure was not to call "changing to CTAF" - that way centre would know we were still on the Class G freq.) The key is to have it briefed well within the crew and to follow standard company procedures. What I suggested in the previous post was that not many operators have procedures and standards for operating in class G/CTAF's and it is certainly not covered in a standard manner within flying schools. If you think you are ok with one com then fine, but is that the same across all the ops in your company or just you? I used to fly SP IFR and even in that environment two com's in a CTAF was SOP in my company. cheers
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