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Originally Posted by Hoosten View Post
Pictures of the aviators killed in this incident are starting to hit the various forms of media. There's a gofundme to get Ido's body home, no doubt to get the Asian students body home as well.

Those of you talking about cost, I've no doubt you won't contribute, after all, nobody wants to pay, who's gunna pay?

Take a good look at the photo's of these people, have a think about their families, their partners and children.

What's that about cost again?

All for the cost of E to 1200, the cost of an airspace promulgation, some maps, in line with an update, and maybe an extra ATC or two? Sorry guys, Jason gave a bunch of ATC's redundancy in the midst of a staffing crisis.

World's Second Best ATC: Disclaimer, this statement does not attach any discredit to any serving current or former line controlling ATC. It is a remark placed squarely at the feet of your sub standard management.
There is a bit more to getting E down to 1200ft, mostly in the training for both the controllers and the flight crews, however I would concede that it is probably achievable and I suspect achievable with the current staff. While I think I understand the concept of what your proposing, I don't have the details However I guarantee people will have to be dragged kicking and screaming for it to occur. My question would be what metric is used to decide which aerodromes get E down to 1200ft? Is it any aerodrome that has an instrument approach? Or any aerodrome with more than a certain number of movements? Keep in mind that movements may not be the best indicator of business because a lot of our IFR training aerodromes the aircraft doesn't physically land on the aerodrome.

For an editorial on your comment, no operational ATC staff were able to get a redundancy in that last round, it was all back room staff. The biggest issue as far as staffing goes comes from the lead in time to train an ATC up to operational level, and at the moment I don't believe we are able to hire anyone from overseas to help.
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