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Originally Posted by Glacier pilot View Post
Is there an air traffic controller type who might be able to answer. I am not familiar with the Los Angeles area, but looking at the terminal chart; it seems that the area in which the pilot was flying was Class G to 700' AGL overlain by Class C airspace (thick magenta line) which goes to 4000'. That would imply equipment needed, visibility and cloud separation required, and communication. What would be the intent to climb specifically to 4000' ? (why not 3500' or 4500'?). Standard ops would imply communication with the company to describe a deviation from original dispatched flight and a communication with ATC to outline intended plan upon reaching stated altitude. What woiuld a controller be expecting in such circumstances.
I'm not a controller but I am familiar with the airspace. He was still speaking with SoCal TRACON (SCT) but he was close to or past the boundary of Point Mugu TRACON's eastern boundary. As he was climbing he would have reappeared on SCT's radar and probably appeared on Point Mugu's radar. Depending what he said to SCT they would likely then have asked him whether he was declaring an emergency. If so, then they would request his intentions. I have no idea what those intentions were. His destination was KCMA, which is handled by Point Mugu TRACON. If those intentions were for an instrument approach to either KCMA or KOXR (which has an ILS whereas KCMA only has RNAV and one VOR approach), SCT would have handed him off to Point Mugu and advised of the emergency status on the handoff.

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