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Ladies and gentlemen there’s has been a lot of discussion on the VFR minimums, /Special VFR Visibility and cloud separation legally required for this flight in various air spaces under Far 135 and 91. However, this been a great review, it doesn’t indicate what the pilots flight visibility was from the cockpit.

One of the many pieces of information the investigation are using to determine flight visibility is the security camera footage of the aircraft above Moreau Road and Highway 101. Without knowing the focal strength of this camera, it would be a guess, but I would say he was in legal flight visibility.

Figure 6 in the updated briefing is labeled still frame security video showing N72EX flying into clouds. The remainder of the video may show the aircraft fading into the background. But with the camera angle from the ground it would be difficult to tell whether he was climbing above the marine layer or flying into it.

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