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Originally Posted by SASless View Post
Unless I am mistaken the aircraft did not get into Class B airspace..
Burbank is class C, Van Nuys is D, and from there the track would have taken him into Class G airspace.
SVFR in both the C and D is legal with an ATC Clearance which he had for each Control Zone.
Once in Class G airspace, 91.155(a) visibility minima is one half statute mile and clear of cloud.
Additionally, I believe Class G in this vicinity has a 700' ceiling. If he entered Class E, his visibility requirements would have been 3SM with cloud clearances of 500’ below, and 2000’ laterally. FAR 135.205 should have governed his minimum visibility requirement for the entirety at 1/2 mile, however his operation’s GOM could have imposed stricter limits.
Originally Posted by 8driver View Post
The airspace doesn't matter. The regs don't matter, not a bit.
Except, given your supposition that, “the man made a choice to continue VFR into IMC,” if he had honored the airspace regs, chances are he wouldn’t have crashed.

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