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Originally Posted by Jonty View Post
Don’t forget that the vast majority of those that will die will be the old and those in ill health already. The vast majority of “economically active” people will have very mild symptoms, more akin to a mild cold. Most wouldn’t even know they had it, and would go about their daily business like they do now.
So I don't see your “worst case scenario” as any sort of reality.
Great if we knew that as no one would have to worry but there is nothing to back that up. Spanish Flu killed 100 million, 3-5% of the World's population, equally likely to kill young as the old. It will destroy the industry this board is about.

An Albanian friend (late 50's) talking recently of growing up there and said her Grandmother remembered way back to that time, passing on oral history, rural area but able to have said about this family of 13, 3 left after a great sickness that affected everybody, they farming and had decent amount of food available so were not malnourished.

We live in a different time but on 2 cases already we know that 1 lady after taking a Ryanair flight from Italy to Greece is now infected, second person in Belfast took a Ryanair flight from Italy to Dublin. 100 years ago their trip was 2-3 weeks, now its 2-3 hours.
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