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Originally Posted by 22/04 View Post
I have to say I wouldn't book a holiday in a few months at the moment - not so much because of the disease but because of the potential my holiday won't go as planned due to restrictions etc. Wait and see. Not for 10 years though - six months to a year maybe
I think your view will be the one picked by many people, lets wait and see, hold back, then stay at home on the basis of better safe than sorry. This will be disastrous for travel industry who will have to lay off thousands and economically will impact quite a lot of countries.

Ultimately it is about confidence, when people start to worry then they alter behaviour, like in a recession when even though job safe, not in financial difficulty people decide not to renew the 2 cars and wait another year or two, hold back on consumer spending.

Potentially a real negative could be xenophobia where immediately anybody foreign looking is suspected of being a carrier, this is irrational but people act irrationally when afraid of the inknown.
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