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Originally Posted by KRviator View Post
Rubbish. Sub Judice - two words, not one - occurs when an investigation or inquiry under the control of a judge is occurring, and where the publishing of material is likely to interfere or affect the investigation/inquiry and/or affect the judicial outcome. It's a very long bow to claim that discussions on Prune, before any inquiry bar the ATSB one, has been announced could affect any legal inquiry!

I don't like or agree with finger-pointing at pilots who aren't here to defend themselves, but, given the delay in any investigation, either ATSB or by a Coroner, discussions here can prove beneficial by raising possibilities and causing others to think about how they operate and could it happen to them. If, by doing so, just one pilot changes their behaviour in a positive way, then the discussions have served their purpose.
yes very true, Iím sure a lot of IFR guys and girls will have a re think of their OCTA CTAF procedures and separation standards......some from reading this and thatís a good thing.
ACMS is online now