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I just read the daiky rag two full pages, pilots names and descriptions of who they are.
My son called from army base, one of planes fell into their patch.
This is a trauma, affects us all in some way.
For me have been rethinking my ifr renewal due and usually at SHT MNG with local cfi.
Never liked the environment, helos, ctafs everywhere,
BUT these two IFR flights even in the arruval and departure phase should have been safer.
4000 feet is up in the cloud base I suspect student would be managing his tasks and on the panel not looking outside.
5 miles you have departed ctaf on climb in safety expecting inbound traffic notification intercepting outbound radial.
The FR track of the inbound aircraft seems straight north 358-000 into path of the aircraft climbing out in left turn.
HM times have we all done departures exactly like that?

Thats like a 18 VOR MTG left turn track out to Wendy.
But inbound RPTs talk to you when you are doing that in training, REX get you 50 miles out from centre.
So the question is regardless of the senaca getting a discrete code and would be ifr code 2000 seen by Centre the moment it is turned on, why no alert?
The inbound plane either cleared or otherwise would have notified left 6000 on descent and the collision rusk should have flagged.
I have done approaches IF a thousand times, and reading all the conversations here and in paper, this is very concerning even alarming.
This is the classic approach into MTG WG GTH MIA.
And last time I flew anywhere we ALWAYS call inbound, airborne outbound as per AIP.
Situational awareness preached by CASA for years at seminars.

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