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Stage 2 Feedback

Hi all, just completed my stage 2 assesment, for those that want it, here's a breakdown of what to expect:
You should aim to arrive 15 minutes minimum before your assesment time. I got there an hour before to grab a coffee and relax (there is free coffe, tea and water throughout the day). After waiting in the welcome room, you will be called as a group upstairs to another assesment lounge. Here, there is a tea and coffe machine, as well as a water dispenser. Make use of it, prepare yourself. Around this time, a representative of CAE will do a role call, ask for photo ID, and bring you through to the computer suite.

The ADAPT tests
All the testing software is on a laptop, in its own individual private booth. Once you have logged in with your license code, then, once you're briefed, you may begin. You can select any one of the tasks to do in whichever order you like, and take as many breaks as you like. The only time limit as such, is in the activities themselves, take as long as you need inbetween tasks to stretch your legs and grab a drink. As for the difficulty, the maths and physics tests are at a GCSE level, multiple choice questions, with most of the formulas given to you. Personally, I found the maths easier than the physics. The FAST test is hard, no two ways about it. So long as you improve on your second attempt, you'll be fine. However, if anything has scuppered my chances today, it will have been FAST. The coordination task (red dot) is very similar to the latestpilotjobs software, so I would definitely reccomend practising on there. The flight simulator task I found relatively easy, being a PPL holder, however if you're a gamer or just possess inate aircraft handling skills, you'll be fine.

  • Brush up on your mental maths, you'll need it
  • Be careful of just how sensitive the joystick is
  • Take as many breaks as you like
  • Enjoy it
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