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Question How to stay sharp post-ATPL?

Hi all,

First post here so please go easy on me. I searched for this topic but couldn't find much of use.

I'm a UK PPL Holder (airline wannabe) currently at 160hrs and have just completed ATPL's with 92% average, first time passes. My current employment doesn't terminate until December 2021, so I will be looking to complete my CPL/ME/IR and the rest of the airline pre-requisites in Q2 2021, with the aim of being fully employable 6 months prior to leaving my current job.

I now have a lot of free time, owing to the ATPL's being complete and would like to know some recommendations, whether it be short courses, flying literature, x-plane etc that I could use to keep myself as sharp as possible until I am ready for further training and interview. I am an Air Traffic Controller so have plenty of time to practice RT (too much sometimes!), and also hold a Foundation, soon to be Honours Degree in Airspace Management.

Basically, I want to use my free time in a positive way to contribute to my employability with an airline and would appreciate any tips you may have.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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