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The dew point spread for YMNG at 10:30 am indicates that 4100 AMSL would have been in cloud. Based on both their ADSB data ( FR24) AEM was on descent from 6000 tracking for overhead the the MNG VOR to commence the VOR RNWY 23 approach. JQF flight plan YMNG-Lacey requires intercepting an outbound track of 148 within 5 NM. With impact being at approx 4 NM bearing 163, an ADSB ground track of 113 prior to impact indicates JQF was climbing at 600/min to climb to above 3900 MSA AND intercept 148 outbound before 5 NM.
This seems to indicate both aircraft were following standard IFR procedures at non controlled Aerodromes OCTA. This leaves AIP ENR1.1-67 para 10.1.1 and 10.1.4 which essentially states self separation on the CTAF which requires significant 3-D situational awareness even with ADSB-In &Out in aircraft without any form of TAWS ( traffic awareness system ).

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