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Hi Alex, thanks for your input. First of all I totally agree with you that the students should simply follow the program of their ATOs. But this question was meant to be precisely from the view point of the ATO. What is the legal standing of SPIC hours in regards to logbook from the EASA Part-FCL's point-of-view?

You mentioned that your Head of Training was of an opinion that "any SPIC hour above the 20 you mention... are a waste". Yep, that is precisely what I heard from other people too and I guess it might have been implied from Part-FCL Appendix 3 (A) (b), but this is exactly the question I wanted to bring - how all of those requirements are to be interpreted? Only 20 hours of SPIC are allowed to be logged as PIC during the whole course? Or more than 20 hours can be logged as PIC, but only 20 hours of those will count towards that particular constraint (70 hour PIC time).

To be pedantic, let's say a student has 19:30 hours of SPIC time already logged as a part of ATP(A) integrated course and then makes another SPIC flight of 02:30. Should the time logged then be split into 00:30 PIC and 02:00 DUAL? That log entry wouldn't make much sense.
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