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Where there is a thirst there is a way??

An Australian couple quarantined on the Diamond Princess cruise ship in Yokohama, Japan had become bored and were wondering how they could ease their boredom. They ordered two bottles of their favourite Pinot Noir wine from an onshore wine club. But, understandably, getting the wine out to the ship and delivered to quarantined passengers; would have been impossible due to the strict rules applicable to quarantine passengers.

So, they asked the wine club to have the bottles delivered to their balcony table by a drone. It worked well!

Later they posted social media, “Just got the first drop. Thank God for drones, the Japanese Coast Guard did not know what was going on!” The Diamond Princess is stationary off the coast with about 3700 people aboard as the entire vessel was held under two-week quarantine since they arrived back at the port of Yokohama. However, the discovery of a recent case amongst the passengers may require a further extension of the quarantine period by several weeks.

This happy incident will no doubt raise many eyebrows, as nothing can board a ship without the permission of the Captain. Can you imagine a cruise ship going through the Suez Canal, in Egypt, where hundreds of small craft come out to the ship to sell their wares to hundreds of passengers looking from above? Can you imagine several hundred passengers ordering samples from small boats and drones taking goods up to the deck; or maybe one of balcony rooms?

And of course, people with evil intentions could prove they are really very evil and go down in history in much the same way as the Titanic?

EASA is now drafting new rules for UAVs, UAM and UAV delivery services. How will they handle cruise ships?

What do you think?
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