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The video with the two guys yakking about the crash needs some qualifying in my opinion.

It begins with neither one of them were first hand witnesses.

The "Helicopter Pilot" flys EMS in Northern California where there have been several fatal crashes due to IIMC/CFIT/LOC tragedies.

This crash occurred in the day light, and at this point the NTSB is just getting started with their investigation and have not reported ANY causes or indications of what actually occurred during the last few moments of the flight.

We do have some collateral data that is of some use but does not rise to actual fact or evidence at this time.

So ya'll just keep on with your speculation.

Just be careful about hanging yer hat on some of the information being presented as fact.

Thus far, Crab remains the adult in the room in my view by his injecting some very wise observations. (Yes....Crab....I have paid you a compliment!).
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