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Originally Posted by Sriajuda View Post
And you still think this is under control?

And why, for god's sake, don't we implement strict travel restrictions?
It's under control to exactly the same extent that influenza is (i.e. not at all). We don't lock down countries for that but it kills hundreds of thousands of people a year.

Lest we forget, most of the otherwise healthy people who died with SARS in Hong Kong at least were killed by the "treatment", not by the disease. Professor Yuen Kwok-Yung (the head of microbiology at HKU then and now) is on record (South China Morning Post, 9 May 2003) as saying: "most SARS patients died because of the serious side-effects of the steroids".

I hope that he has learnt his lesson from that. But I fear not.
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