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How comforting.

But it really comes down to what happens with pax (and flight crew!) upon approach/landing. If the past travel record is available for every single person on board a flight, why even let them disembark into the terminal??

We could cordon them off and put them into quarantine!

No facilities? I call BS - given the will, the developed countries are more than able to "seize" hotel complexes (owner will be reimbursed) to house people for quarantine purposes.

The only other option would be to ban entry from the most afflicted areas - but that still requires tracking of previous movements/locations of the people.

I have the impression our governments are are f***ing doing s*it to try to stop the spread.

And it is not just about spread & lethality - widespread fear and panic is enough to render our highly developed societies inoperable. When people don't come to work....supply chains, power generation, sanitation, etc... all go to sh*t. In a snap.

I fear people, especially those in responsible positions, have NO idea how dangerous this situation is.

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