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Originally Posted by DaveReidUK View Post
It's not quite that clear cut (npi) - as per my earlier post, the first two batches of EC-130Qs (the 1970s deliveries) did have the chin windows, but the last (1980s) batch, includng the ones that went to Coulson, didn't

Activities during the Gulf War gave us occasion to fly low level over a number of oil well fires as we approached one of the airfields we used. These fires were fierce and the radiated heat could be felt strongly through the windows along with significant turbulence. We experienced soot and oil build up and fumes ingress as well. Not pleasant. That's about the limit of my knowledge of occasionally flying close to flames.

If I was firefighting with a C130, I could see heat protection value in keeping the chin windows covered or selecting airframes that didn't have them incorporated. Whether that's what Coulsan was thinking or it was just the frame for sale on the block at the time, who knows. But we were only passing individual wells, whereas these boys are flying close along extensive and raging fire lines. Any protection would be helpful I imagine.

Anyway, take care all you firey's, both ground and air. You are all legends!.

David, thanks to you and others for keeping the thread sensible.
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