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Re 'Koala' meat, denial from China: Chinese eat Koalas? Nonsense! - People's Daily Online

And further explanation from Singapore: https://mothership.sg/2020/01/wild-animal-wuhan-market/"The menu features a mix of over 100 live animals and their meat, which includes live Chinese Giant Salamander, camels, ostriches, peacocks, and wolf pups. According to the menu, a live peacock was sold at RMB500 (S$97) each, a particular deer species cost RMB6000 (S$1167) and a live “树熊” — understood by most people outside of China to mean a koala — cost RMB70 (S$13.60)."

Most web dictionaries also translate 树熊 Shuxiong as Koala, but scepticism is best, I agree.
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