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Originally Posted by Lew747 View Post
Took about 5 months to get the correct licence issued.
It took me nine months to get an IMC/IR(R) added to my license. Biggest holdup was that the CAA would not accept I had an LPE-6, even though they had issued me a JAR-FCL PPL that said LPE-6 earlier that year. And this was well before Brexit, so well before they got inundated with SOLI requests.

I'm about to start the process to add a full IR and NQ to my license, and also transfer my Dutch national sailplane license to the CAA (EASA GPL). I'm not looking forward to that - it'll probably again be months of waiting and explaining the CAA their own rules. My very first information request about what they needed from me to transfer that sailplane license took two months to be responded to - and then I got an answer that clearly indicated they hadn't even read my question properly.
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