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Originally Posted by jindabyne View Post
In plain (not glider) English and comprehensibility?
Alas, deductive reasoning and correlation are not really what could be called your strongpoints now are they. I was bemused by your reference to Camphill a while a go, then to gliding and soaring ( you will be aghast to learn that I was allowed to fly in the first place, and that I was pretty good ( if one sez so ones modest self ) , You have clearly noted my many trips to the Derbyshire and put 2+2 together...and failed, miserably. I stopped gliding relatively recently, but go to Derbyshire for other reasons and if I was flying, Camphill would not be my first choice. One hopes, that, despite your befuddled state, one has explained matters with clarity and compassion.

Glider English is very similar to English English...."off" is very often used in conversation ......

Back to why the sound of silence on the day is the only sound worth having....

As for Nige, well lets be rational here. Nige has some form for his "fearless leadership from the front ! "style, as recently demonstrated some may recall...so the chances of the UK's Saviour actually being present at this little gathering are minimal at best.
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