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Originally Posted by ROC10 View Post
That certainly doesn’t look close to the loss of a based aircraft. Besides, it’s still very early for S21 which has only really been provisionally released - we’re likely to see more of a ‘final’ release around April I believe. As mentioned, NAP is not so much of a reduction as it was added late for S20 to replace BJV which returns in S21. I’d also wager that SZG will not be on a TOM aircraft in S20 and so may be added later for S21.

You’re also incorrect on CUN - it operates 4x weekly during various weeks in S21. It also only operates 2/3x weekly some weeks during S20 (although does operate 5x weekly some weeks in S20) so it’s an over-simplification to say it operates “x” timely weekly. It is in fact very variable.
Any increase for Scotland is good, no matter GLA or EDI or ABZ, I really hope all these flights get added, but I'm going of what the website says. Regarding CUN I do understand what you mean as it is very variable but overall looks like the Tuesday flight is gone all S21, which leaves 2x weekly 787 flights needing filled, I hope Tui either add 2 extra GLA flights or put it to use at EDI on a 1x weekly Orlando and 1x weekly Cancun or 2x weekly Orlando flight.
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