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Originally Posted by relyt View Post
This is based on my experience from July.

Personal interview which is entirely competency based, there was little to no interest in 'why you want to be a controller' and 'what you know about NATS' it's 90+ minutes of scenario based competency questions - 'How do you respond in x scenario', 'Give us an example of when you have been in x situation'. It is very important that you relate back to the situational judgement test you would of done at home in your answers as this is what it is referenced from (not the questions, your responses).

Q&A with a NATS controller

A timed group discussion, 4 of us centre room with 8-10 assessors (HR and NATS employees) sat around taking notes. This is again scenario based and you are expected to role play. It is important that you relate back to your situational judgement test and your interview responses when conducting yourself.

Hope this helps and good luck.
Do you mean referring back to the situational judgement test or the personality questionaire?
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