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Originally Posted by Grebe View Post
From seattle times- Another article re Boeing breaking SPEEA pilots union may be posted elsewhere
Aside from the scare bolding, the electrical situation isn't as bad as it is made out to be. Electrical separation can be managed in a lot of ways besides physical separation.

I expect this one is: If there is a fire in the tail and the insulation is burned off, and then the remains of the wire's insulation comes off and then if the wires are moved so a power wire from something contacts the drive power wire for the trim motor, then couldn't that cause a problem? Or - suppose a worker just takes a knife and shaves off the wire insulation before installing the wires exactly where they go into a clamp, but arranged so they almost touch (so it passes functional inspection) and then after years of vibration they do touch, couldn't that be a problem?

I'm more perturbed by the allowance of post-acceptance part alteration that isn't called for in the engineering drawings. That's a practice that needs to be dealt with harshly.
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