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”The other issue worth considering is that the pyrocumulonimbus clouds don’t show up on the weather radar. And if you’re descending in thick smoke - you’re every chance to fly straight into one. Which would be no fun at all!”

Quite true. Without wanting to beat up on the QF crew - it is still poor form to fly yourself into a PyroCu. Ive been operating into CB the last week with all the smoke and the pyrocu’s are VERY easy to identify during the day - they are the only thing with any structure above the strong inversion keeping the smoke blanket thick on the ground. Its pretty easy to work out whether one will be on your STAR path and to pick a route/heading that will keep you clear during the descent into 0 vis.

At night the PyroCu’s have been collapsing pretty quickly too. The reduced temps after sundown mist see the fire propagating the cloud die down in intensity and heat, leading to the PyroCu collapsing.
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