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Originally Posted by Pontius Navigator View Post
What on earth is CJ doing making unattributed quotes in support of his own undemocratic views.

Our system has flaws, the value of a vote varies hugely from constituency to constituency. An equable balance would see more Liberal and fewer SNP MPs. It would also see no majority Government and probably a near permanent alignment to Socialism.

Would a one party system, like Russia, be better than a two-party system like the US?
Hi Pontius, I take it you are are either joking, or exaggerating to make a point!

To my very limited knowledge of democratic systems in various countries, it seems the US and the UK share this one-man constituency system. Probably based on need 200 years ago where someone needed to be elected in a remote county, and people needed to ride for days to announce who won.

So, in the US, a majority voted for Hilary, but Trump won. In the UK, a majority voted for parties or candidates that wanted to cancel or put Brexit up for another vote, but Boris got a huge majority.

All of the UK's democratic neighbors have a system that aims at honouring personal votes. Where I live, no-majority governments are a rule. Guess what, it keeps us from all kinds of idiots fooling the public and hijacking the country. It mandates consensus, which to you may sound as a veryyy - veryyy bad thing.

It sounds like you see the only alternative to the UK system being a one party system or socialism. This is interesting, and would I urge you to elaborate.
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