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Originally Posted by bulldog89 View Post
We should look at the quality of training and personal attitude, not at total hours.
Needing a higher number of total hours to access an airline job would put the pay-to-get-the-license-no-matter-what path out of business.

Making the number of hours high enough so it is not practical to pay for all of them would put the pay-to-fly path out of business as well.

Needing to pass actual screenings rather than paying to build a career in a aviation would immediately fix the attitude problems and would steer the young pilots towards the training organizations with the highest quality of teaching, not the easiest ones. After some years of this, things could possibly go back to normal.

I have flown out of the EU with European cadets and their skills and attitude sucks big time (go ahead and bash me, it is the honest truth). The worst of this is that they are not even aware of it. They think it is the usual in a cockpit not to follow the chain of command, argue for the sake of it, bend the SOP's, follow "what this Captain told me" instead of reading the manual, etc. It is not really their fault since they have been led to believe that it is how things are done. For them, I am the dinosaur.

When I started I also had a very low number of hours BUT the difference is in how I got my first job: it was after sending CV's for years all around the world, waiting for my chance and failing plenty of interviews and sim screenings until I got it right and I reached the required standard.

Requiring total time would not make better pilots but would definitely help to filter out the ones that want it by paying and not by studying and making the effort.

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