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Originally Posted by esa-aardvark View Post
Have a look for :-

An audit of uncertainties in the HadCRUT4 temperature
anomaly dataset plus the investigation of three other
contemporary climate issues
More pseudoscience.

"(His) naive claims of alternative causes of global warming do not consider the relevant laws of physics and do not make sense" - Climatology professor at UNSW

"unwilling to admit his obvious and indisputable errors"

"Their conclusions....are not supported by their analysis or any physical theory presented in their paper" - 9 actual climate scientists.

"the claim that this falsifies IPCC findings is wrong." - ANU Climatology professor.

"This thesis makes little attempt to quantify the uncertainties ... It has been left to others to quantify the impact." - the author's own words. He wrote a whole PhD that, by his own admission, is nothing more than an overly long blog post critiquing (without scientific basis) the work of others but drawing no conclusions himself.

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