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Originally Posted by megan View Post
Since man harnessed the use of fire we've been pumping CO2 into the atmosphere, WingNut has the nub of the problem, overpopulation, there are now far too many of us desecrating the earth, denuding it of all flora and fauna and leaving our waste in its place, any farmer would be doing something about destocking.
So what are you doing to limit your impact? While it is true population growth is unsustainable, it's particularly bad if all 7 billion indulge or aspire to indulge in the Australian 1st-world lifestyle:
  • driving every time or nearly every time you have to travel somewhere
  • eating meat or dairy at least once, if not twice a day (one of the greatest contributors to deforestation worldwide)
  • eating commercially caught seafood
  • purchasing goods that are manufactured in developing countries
  • consuming processed foods and cosmetics that contain palm oil and its derivatives
  • replacing something that can be repaired
Not to mention all the things that we do which are not even an indulgence, such as package all our goods in plastic or enjoy continuous electricity supply for all but a few minutes each year.

If even half the people on Earth lived like we do, I doubt my kids let alone my grandkids would live without seeing the total collapse of our ecosystems.

So is the answer to expect everyone in the first world to spontaneously choose to live a less comfortable life? Or enforce stronger environmental regulations, that disincentivise the outsourcing of environmental impacts to developing nations where they care more about having food for this week than preserving littoral rainforest?

Or perhaps your solution to overpopulation to is to simply eliminate life until we are back to sustainable levels? Not a great place to start in my view, considering that if we want to minimise human suffering through such a process, it would make sense to start with the heaviest per-capita polluters first.
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