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Boeing plans to hand out "safety" cards to convince pax that Max is safe.

For instance, if a traveler doesn’t want to fly after buying a ticket, getting to the airport gate or even after boarding the plane, Boeing says that the airline could offer to rebook a flight, have flight attendants or pilots talk to the concerned passenger or hand out 3-by-5 inch information cards detailing why the Max is safe... In the most extreme cases, Boeing suggests using “techniques related to an inflight medical emergency to de-escalate.

At times, the material is startlingly self-critical. In a draft memo Boeing prepared for airlines to share with employees such as flight attendants, the company suggests that airlines say: “Boeing understands that it fell short and let us down, as well as the flying public, and it has committed to continuous improvement and learning....

In a section of the presentation focused on social media and marketing, the company said it planned to “amplify any positive stories reported,” and that it intended to buy ads to promote the plane’s return to service. It said a company website dedicated to updates on the Max was being designed with “improved usability” and “stickiness” to “encourage more time on site and repeat visits,” phrases commonly used in the communications business.

The presentation said Boeing’s “digital and media team” would be “monitoring social conversations around the clock. "
If you can you should look at the "Customer Journey and Scenario map" presented in the article. Aside from the explicit sexism (the concerned passenger is a "she" in all scenarios) it is rather fascinating. For instance, "if anxious passenger is posting, then airline social care team provides information on the safety of the MAX and informs the airlines network operations center of anxious passenger, which informs flight crew, as needed."
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