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Originally Posted by dr dre View Post

There comes a time when a these disasters become too big for the states to handle alone. The forecasts for future fire seasons would indicate a need for a national approach. These current fires have been going on in NSW for months and to fight fires of this scale with mostly volunteers canít be sustained in the long term. Maybe an organisation similar to the military reserves that can be dispatched to fight these large blazes, and integrated aircraft permanantly based here?
And he is going to fix all that in the next couple of days?

You have more faith in his abilities than I do.

There are firefighting aircraft based here year round. Marginalised somewhat by state governments awarding overseas companies contracts.

Thats right, all private sector companies that have to tender for the work.

Yes, these assets are shared between states when possible.

On the up side, it would be interesting to compare the areas that have burnt, with the areas that were meant to get hazard reduction burning over the last 25 years but did not.

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