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Originally Posted by Mumbai Merlin View Post
State does NOT trump ICAO.
PNG is a signatory to ICAO Annex and is required to conduct itself accordingly. For example age 65 on International Ops.
Read Balus Kaptan's post, he's right!
Yes it does!
Read again the convention: https://www.icao.int/publications/Do.../7300_cons.pdf
It's permitted to depart from the ICAO rules and standards provided that it's notified to the ICAO
Article 38 Any State which finds it impracticable to comply in all respects with any such international standard or procedure, or to bring its own regulations or practices into full accord with any international standard or procedure after amendment of the latter, or which deems it necessary to adopt regulations or practices differing in any particular respect from those established by an international standard, shall give immediate notification to the International Civil Aviation Organization of the differences between its own practice and that established by the international standard.(...)
and published in the AIP (cf.Annex 15)
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